Vintners.Net - Website Design Payment Structure

Obviously a website designer is welcome to work directly with the winery customer to do the entire design job.

However, if the customer does wish Vintners.Net to do website design work, the charge to the customer (winery) for Vintners.Net to build a new website (strictly the website design/implementation) is $600. The rationale is 20 hours at $30/hour. I recognize that this is ridiculously low, however it brings the Full Service price up to $925, which I feel is near the top of what small family businesses would be willing to pay. This will be a basic information based website including a left navbar and a handful of "the usual" pages like "contact us", "our wines", "our philosophy", etc.

Either of two approaches can then be followed. Vintners.Net, will do the initial data collection, scanning, and crude page layout, and take 8 hours of the pay. The designers job is then to "make it beautiful". Alternatively, the designer does the whle job for the 20 hours pay.

Payment will be half in advance, and the remainder upon completion of the website, upon acceptance of the customer (winery). If agreed upon by the web designer and the customer (winery), payment (or partial payment) in wine may be arranged.

If the customer has chosen not to do their own maintenance, if the website designer will agree to it, they will do the 4 quarterly updates for the website for the year. This will earn them the entire $175 Vintners.Net charges for the service, plus, to encourage website developers to do this, I'll also pull another $25 out of the base website fee making it $200 for the year's 4 updates. This will be paid yearly, first half in advance.

Pay to developer for website with Vintners.Net doing data collection and building framework design & implementation (developer does "prettying" only)$360
Base pay to developer for complete website design & implementation$600
Pay to developer for doing 4 quarterly updates    $200
Total$800 or $560

Note that the total charge to the customer for a commercial website is $925. The website designer/maintainer gets 65% of this total income -- Vintners.Net gets $10/month to cover expenses.

Rates last updated 20-Jul-1999

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