Domain redirection

Due to popular request, we now offer extremely inexpensive Domain name hosting with mail forwarding only. We've had many requests from people who are not yet ready to invest in a complete website, but wish to reserve your domain name before someone else gets it.

In the upcoming world of the web, the domain name is the equivalent of the telephone 800 number. It can follow your business without changing, even if you were to move to a different building (or city). If you were to change Internet providers, your contacts will not have to change their email address books, or their web browser bookmarks.

To check if your desired domain name is already taken, you may visit the InterNIC Web Interface to Whois.

Any time after starting this service that you decide to go ahead with that website, the remaining portion of the fee will be applied to the new website total charge.

For service, questions or estimates, send email to mikel, or call/leave voice mail for me at 206-632-6746.

Basic Domain redirection: $5 monthly
Setup: $40 once

Rates last updated 20-Jul-1999

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