Website Hosting Limits

Disk space: 1Gbytes. We ask you to limit yourself to this (we do not have quatos enabled at this time). We will work with you if feel you may require more than this.

Mailboxes: Your website includes 1 mailbox, and unlimited aliases. A mailbox is a place where mail is queued for download onto your machine (POP3). Aliases are additional email addresses that simply redirect to an existing mailbox. The existing mailbox pointed to by an alias may be on, or any other system. Additional mailboxes are $2.50/mo.

For example, you may have winemaker@<YourName>.com, forwarding to a personal AOL account, and orders@<YourName>.com, info@<YourName>.com, going to a winery business account somewhere else. You will also automatically get webmaster@<YourName>.com, and postmaster@<YourName>.com going to staff, unless you prefer to handle such mail yourself.

Bandwidth: Vintners.Net does not meter bandwidth. However, if a customer's site were to become extremely popular with hundreds of visitors/day, my provider will charge me extra. In this event, I will have to pass that cost on to the customer. Remember that my goal is to provide low cost website hosting for low-Internet-use businesses; if your website will be this popular, we'll need to negotiate.

Staff hours: The most important limit is the most difficult to meter. For instance in designing or updating a website, I will need to spend time with the customer learning their preferences, and implementing the website. You are encouraged to give me feedback on my website design work in a timely fashion, but a major overhaul late in the process may be asking too much. I have priced my hours extremely low, and cannot possibly overbook them. If a website setup exceeds 16 working hours due to the customers changing demands, the rate of $20/hour will be applied, however the additional work may not be completed in as timely a fashion. We will request authorization before exceeding this number.

Response time (equipment): Vintners.Net will do whatever is necessary to keep up with the demands. If throughput becomes a bottleneck, we will upgrade equipment appropriately. There are no practical limitations to the number of sessions, either incoming or outgoing.

Response time (staff): I will assure a reasonable reponse time in conjunction with the work involved in the processing request. As this is not my primary business at this time, my response times will be somewhat worse than that of a more expensive provider, however I will always give this work the highest priority. When you contact Vintners.Net, it's Mike you'll get. This means we're not available 24hours a day, but responsibility is complete.

For instance a website update will typically be handled within 1 working day, however it could be as long as 1 working week. A new website design may take a few weeks.

I do not guarantee that the website will be present 24*7*365 -- I will do my best to supply this, however equipment can fail, and Seattle is known to have occasional power outages.

I will give Do-It-Yourselfers the highest priority, as their requests can be met and alleviated in a lesser amount of time.

Lastly, for those of you who have worked with me on MikeL's WA Winery Guide, I assure you of better response times on this project. MikeL's WA Winery Guide is strictly a hobby project, and updates have occasionally been put on hold for an extended time. is a business, and will be handled appropriately, in a professional and timely manner.

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