Website Hosting Policies and Services

My goal is to be an inexpensive website provider, for the low-Internet-use small business. My target business will be the small winery; I will tailor my services specifically to their needs whenever possible (however this should not interfere with taking on other non-winery customers).

My approach will be to charge simple flat rates for typical services and to limit my services; this will allow me to keep my prices low. Further, I hope to provide website hosting for Do-It-Yourselfers who will take care of most of the painstaking website design work themselves.

I won't nickel&dime small things, trusting that the customer will not overwhelm my resources (see the detailed breakdowns for specific services beyond the ordinary). You'll find my limits to what is "ordinary" are quite generous.

I will provide full domain name hosting ie. http://www.<YourName>.com. This will include a simple website for your company; the customer will have to use the telephone/fax/email to contact the winery for purchase. It will also include a few email addresses, that will forward to your existing email account at your local Internet Service Provider (ISP), America OnLine, whomever.

I will provide shopping cart and Visa/MC purchasing capability. This will be done by the third party company and charged as a small percentage of any purchase made through them.

I will NOT be supplying Internet Connectivity. For email, you will have to use a local (to you) ISP, or a national ISP like America OnLine.

Functionality beyond that listed here (for instance email lists) may be possible. Mix 'n match services may be permitted, but will be handled on a case-by-case basis, for instance a changeover from Full-Service to Do-It-Yourself. In either case, send email to mikel.

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