Website Hosting special services

Domain hosting: e-mail only -- reserve your favorite domain name now, before someone else gets it! Available now.

Custom HTML forms processing: We'll work with you on this; it will be a once-only design/implement fee at our standard low rate. You can implement your own forms processing at no additional fee with your Do-It-Yourself account. A page counter is included in the basic website fee. Your web server logs are also available to you.

A "shopping cart" custom tailored for shipping wine, is an additional $5/mo. This handles special issues like encouraging the buyer to get a full 12 bottle case, in order to prevent crushing of orders in shipping and considers interstate shipping issues.

As is not my full time employment, I am unable to spend a lot of time on projects for it. Thus, I have very limited ability to do custom website work. For that which I do, my rates are $30/hour.

Email lists ("mailman"): This will be available for a once-only setup fee of $20.

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