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Full-Service is where you supply me with winery info, photos, labels, list of wines, tasting notes, list of awards, newspaper or magazine articles etc. (perhaps you already have a press packet?) and I do the rest. This can be done via USPS.

Basic Website with domain name is the cost to support your website online 24hours/day, and anser to your domain name. For a one year contract, the price is reduced.

Domain Name redirection is where Vintners.Net redirects your domain name to somewhere else, eg. an existing AOL account. Your existing AOL website would also be available as http://www.<YourName>.com and your email address(es) to be something like orders@<YourName>.com and/or winemaker@<YourName>.com.

Additional Domain Name is where you have multiple domain names pointing to the same account. Your base website hosting includes one domain name, this is for additional names only. (In some cases it makes sense to buy common misspellings of your domain name.)

Register Domain Name (InterNIC) is the fee charged by the InterNIC to register your domain name ie. www.<YourName>.com. Your check will be sent directly to them. This name is yours -- you could have a different provider support this name for you if you were decide to leave my service. This holds your name for 2 years, at which time you'll be billed for another $70/2 years. There is no fee if you already have a domain name. There will be no additional fee for us to do this registration for you with a one-year contract.

Setup for Full-Service will include the work of getting your website set up and running on our machines.

Initial Website is the charge for our staff to design and implement your initial website. This is estimated at 20 hours at $30/hour. There are no explicit limitations like maximum number of pages or images (see for details). We'll give you a basic reasonable representation in a timely fashion.

Update is where you simply have some minor update you'd like made, and you wish to simply USPS mail me the materials. This would be the best route if you only make price changes once/year, and have only a yearly newsletter. More dramatic updates can be made, however there will be an additional hourly charge if it takes more than 3 hours.

Quarterly Updates for Full-Service will allow you to request minor website updates once each calendar quarter with no additional fees. For example, if you have a seasonal newsletter to be put online, or perhaps seasonal sale prices you'd like updated. This represents a discount on the price of 4 Updates.

Do-It-Yourself: I'll leave most of the technical details for elsewhere, but in a nutshell, you'll build your website locally on your own machine using your own favorite tools (or farm it out to a friend), then deliver it to the machine or me. Vintners.Net has both a Windows NT machine and a Unix (FreeBSD) machine, thus will handle HTML, CGI/Perl, and ASP files. These files can be generated by Mac web software, or Microsoft's FrontPage98 (recommended). If you'd prefer, you may use 'ftp' at any time.

Do-It-Yourself Setup is where you supply your website ready-to-go. This is a one-time charge to configure your new account. You'll upload your website via ftp. You can use any tool of your choice, MS FrontPage, Adobe Pagemaker, manual HTML editing, or some other tool.

There are no charges for updates if you make all your updates directly yourself by using ftp. The normal fees are charged only if staff are required to implement your update.

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