Website & Configuration help:
(Page last updated 25-Apr-2002)

Configuration help
POP3 email server:pop3.<yourdomain>
IMAP email server:imap.<yourdomain>
SMTP email transfer:available only locally on the server.
Outside of the Vintners.Net firewall, you must configure your email program to use your upstream ISP for SMTP.
Your directory is: /web/<yourdomain>/html/
telnet:not available (due to non-encrypted logon password)

Web page script services help:
Page counterText only
Shopping CartCustomized for small winery use
Newsletter scriptsub/unsub-scribe request page
Link Checktests website for broken links
ssh useinteractive shell access at Vintners.Net
Spam PreventionGeneral techniques
sendemail script(helps avoid spam) help
SetIP appFix sendmail to accept your IP
aliasmgremail aliases configuration

If you start playing with scripts, you may need to know that the error output can be found in your 'logs' directory, naemd 'error_log'. You can 'ssh' in, 'cd logs', then 'tail error_log' to view it.
Alternatively, you'll find a link in your cgi-bin directory to ''. Visiting this link in your domain will show the tail end of your error log.

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